Uke CAN Do It!

Here’s the deal: even though I’m a retired 5th/6th teacher, the vast majority of my students are adults, who’ve longed to make music...but didn’t think they were talented enough...and are hoping that the humble ukulele might possibly be that elusive Golden Ticket. Well, congratulations — IT IS! My beginning lessons are for those who don’t know which end of the uke to grab; I’ll assume you know NOTHING and we’ll go from there. You’ll soon have four basic chords (C7, C, F & G7) and will be amazed at what you can do. And just three more chords (Am, D7 and Em) will enable you to — dare I say it? — RULE THE WORLD, with HUNDREDS of popular songs just waiting to be played. Intermediates will learn a few more chords as we go along, but will mostly focus on STRUMMING — the nuts and bolts of how to stop sounding like a newbie and start sounding like a ukulele player! “A splendid time is guaranteed for all!”

Willing to Teach for Trade (Skill-Sharing)?: No: Not teaching in exchange for lessons
Instrument(s) Taught: Ukulele
Musical Genre(s): Folk, Country, Rock, Pop, Jazz
Level(s) Taught:
Ages Taught:
Youth (under 18)
Adults (18 and older)
Scheduling/Availability: Flexible: Some mornings, some afternoons, all evenings
Online Lessons Available?: Flexible: can teach online and in-person