Guitar and Piano are amazing musical instruments and very similar in their potential.

I've been teaching in school and privately for over 60 years and playing professionally in just about every kind of group, setting and musical style.

Don't just learn something. Understand it.

Learn how to make music on these instruments (either or both), faster and easier than anywhere else. I teach composing, arranging, reading, and improvising because they are all related and it's easier to learn it than not.

It is important that you know how to read music. Tablature for guitar is not music, it is "paint-by-numbers". It is harder to read than music and gives you much less information and understanding about what you are or will be doing with the music.

Willing to Teach for Trade (Skill-Sharing)?: No: Not teaching in exchange for lessons
Instrument(s) Taught: Guitar (as an instrument), piano, I can combine with other instruments, if desired.
Musical Genre(s): Almost anything. What I teach is music.
Level(s) Taught:
Ages Taught:
Youth (under 18)
Adults (18 and older)
Scheduling/Availability: Any day between 9am and 8pm (Central time)
Online Lessons Available?: Yes: online lessons only